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Women’s Marian Devotions in a Melkite Greek Catholic Village in Lebanon Nancy W.

Nancy W. Jabbra


This article will focus on two important devotions, May (which is dedicated to Mary),1 and Corpus Christi (the Body of Christ) (which locally includes substantial devotion to Mary) in a village in Lebanon’s Biqa’ Valley. Both of these devotions came from Western Europe, but the Corpus Christi celebration appears to be exclusive to the Zahleh area where the village is located. Women are deeply involved in both of these devotions, thus creating a spiritual space for themselves in an otherwise patriarchal church.


Christiannity; Greece; Lebanon


Al-Ma’luf, I. I. (1977). Tarikh Zahleh (History of Zahleh), 2nd edition. Zahleh: Zahleh Fatat Publishers.

Khater, A. F. (2008). God has called me to be free: Aleppan nuns and the transformation of catholicism in 18th-century Bilad al-Sham. International Journal of Middle East Studies 40, 421-443.

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DOI: 10.32380/alrj.v0i0.107


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