Gender Research in Iraq: Facts and Expectations


Gender research

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Aghacy, S. (1). Gender Research in Iraq: Facts and Expectations. Al-Raida Journal, 85-112.


After being pushed to the back stage during fifteen years of civil war, a sharp resurgence of interest in enhancing the participation of Lebanese women in politics was witnessed in the early 1990s. This was reflected in the mushrooming of women’s non-governmental organizations that had this goal on their agenda. The constitutional and political reforms that brought the war to a halt, and the accompanying promise of democratization, raised women’s hopes that their pre-war exclusion from power and decision-making positions would come to an end. However, the results of the first post-war parliamentary elections held in 1992 did not meet women’s expectations, either qualitatively or quantitatively. This, coupled with their continued exclusion from post-war governments, intensified pre-war frustration.


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