Women and Ijtihad: Towards a New Islamic Discourse



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Raouf Ezzat, H. (2019). Women and Ijtihad: Towards a New Islamic Discourse. Al-Raida Journal, 12-33. https://doi.org/10.32380/alrj.v0i0.1751


A phenomenon of extreme polarization between the Islamist and the secular camps characterizes the intellectual scene regarding social, economic, and political issues in the Arab-Islamic world. This is especially true with respect to women’s issues, which are a very hotly contested terrain.

Understanding this reality clearly requires a historic overview to comprehend how this polarization occurred and map the debate between supporters of “modernity and contemporality” (al-hadatha wa-l-mu‘asara) on the one hand, and supporters of “tradition and authenticity” (al-turath wal-asala) on the other. Though this is not at the heart of our research, framing it in its historical context enables us to better understand the roots and origins of the problem, in order to map the debates and foresee future courses more clearly.



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