Young Arab Women in Pune City, India


Arab women
Pune City
decision making process

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Athalye, N. (1). Young Arab Women in Pune City, India. Al-Raida Journal, 71-73.


This short article or report is a preliminary documentation of reactions and suggestions of Arab students in Pune City, India. The larger study, which was started sometime in February 2006, is yet to be completed. The study, entitled "Decision Making and Social Support Systems of Young Arab Women Living in Pune City", aims at understanding the decision-making process of young Arab women, how they circumvent patriarchy to make informed choices, and how the existing social support system can heal their hearts and minds, helping them overcome isolation in a foreign land. The sample of the study consisted of fifty married women who have dependent children and another twenty women who are young students. About twenty Arab men also later became part of the study. Most of the study's data was recorded, based on focus group discussions and telephone interviews. An inventory is being constructed which will delve into issues women face as wives, young mothers, and students residing in a democratic country like India.


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