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Proposed Procedures to Fight Discrimination Against Women in Marriage and Inheritance

Sonia Ibrahim Atiyah


Lebanese society is multi-religious. The state legally recognizes 19 sects, leaving to each matters of personal status pertaining to its own community. Thus, each sect is
governed by different laws and has its own courts to implement them. The different codes discriminate between men and women of the same sect, as well as between men and men and women and women, of different sects. This is in addition to the discrepancies in customs and traditions between the various communities.


Discrimination against women; marriage; inheritence


Dr. Bashir Bilani, Qawanen al-Ahwal al-Shakhsiah fi Lubnan (Personal Status Laws in Lebanon), Beirut: Dar al-'Ilm Lilmalayeen, 1971.

Dr. Sobhi Mahmasani, Al-Mabadi' al-Shar'iyah wal Qanuniah (The Principles of Shari'a and Law). Beirut: 1959 (second edition).

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DOI: 10.32380/alrj.v0i0.277


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