Inclusion at Al-Ahliah School: Varying Degrees of Success


Al-Ahliah School
disabled students

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Hamadeh, N. (1). Inclusion at Al-Ahliah School: Varying Degrees of Success. Al-Raida Journal, 40-42.


Al-Ahliah School, established by Mary Kassab in 1916, was certainly a pioneer in implementing inclusion. Al-Ahliah’s attempts at various forms of inclusion started at the beginning of the sixties, and are still going on, with varying levels of success, for a variety of special needs of a physical and mental nature.

That inclusion should take place at Al-Ahliah was very natural and even inevitable since its mission has always stressed the value of humanity, the equal rights of all, and the importance of encouragement and of the nurturing of self-worth. It is an institution that strongly believes in giving each individual the opportunity to lead a dignified, fulfilled and productive life.


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