"Nobody Represents us better than us" with Ibrahim Abdallah

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American University, L. (1). "Nobody Represents us better than us" with Ibrahim Abdallah. Al-Raida Journal, 70. https://doi.org/10.32380/alrj.v0i0.335


In the parliamentary elections of June 2005 the Lebanese Council of Disabled People (LCDP) took a major step towards the full participation of people with disability in the political life of the country when it declared the candidacy of three of its members. Such a step opened a new horizon for the disability movement when disability became not only an election issue, but a political power in the campaign too.

To discuss this initiative Al-Raida met Mr. Ibrahim Abdallah the President of LCDP and one of the candidates. Abdallah holds a Master’s in Commercial Law from the United States, is President of the Universities League for the Blind, and was recently reelected as a member of the National Committee on Disability Affairs in Lebanon.



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