The Second Arab Women Development Report Arab Adolescent Girls


Arab adolescent girls

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(CAWTAR), C. of A. W. (1). The Second Arab Women Development Report Arab Adolescent Girls. Al-Raida Journal, 12-27.


The Center of Arab Women for Training and Research (CAWTAR) sees this report on Arab Adolescent Girls: Realities and Prospects as a preliminary, exploratory study that will lead to further studies in a field that is still not sufficiently investigated in the Arab region. The main aim of this report, particularly the field study included in it, is to look into the future of Arab women and draw the attention of decision-makers and those working to extend women’s participation in the development process, to the possibility of positively affecting this future, particularly the possibility of raising the level of women’s participation in decision making. This is to be achieved by identifying handicapping factors and dealing with them through effective policies and interventions in the early stages of their formation.


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