Cross-Generation Sexual Abuse Within the Extended Family


Sexual abuse

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Baker, K. A. (1). Cross-Generation Sexual Abuse Within the Extended Family. Al-Raida Journal, 45-49.


There are many signs indicating the presence of sexual abuse within a family. Yet, many factors stand in the way of the diagnosis and the prevention of that abuse. Among these factors are: parents’ psychological health, their sexual education, patriarchal authority, and authority of adults over children. Through the following example, namely Salam’s case (a victim of sexual abuse that started when she was three years old and lasted until 14 years of age), we would like to highlight the family’s role in the perpetuation of sexual abuse. In addition, we want to stress the extent to which sexual abuse affects the psychological health of the victim, as well as the necessity of a systematic therapeutic plan which includes individual, family and group therapeutic interventions to secure the rehabilitation of the victim and his/her family, ensures this phenomenon would not recur in the family and would not be transferred to the next generation.


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