Women's Path to Independence in Syria


Women's independence

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El-Atrache, T. (1). Women’s Path to Independence in Syria. Al-Raida Journal, 74-76. https://doi.org/10.32380/alrj.v0i0.354


Over the past twenty years, Syria has witnessed a dramatic evolution of its female population, especially in rural areas. By moving to Damascus to pursue their higher education, women are gradually able to declare their independence from male domination by living on their own, hitting the job market, and providing for themselves. Syrian society has experienced dramatic changes over the last two decades in terms of attitudes and mentalities towards women's education. Before the 1980s, the social stigma surrounding female independence and women's desire to move away from their homes made it practically impossible for young rural girls to move to the Damascus University Campus on their own; those who did were just a minority, and such early social phenomena did raise a few eyebrows.



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