Young Media Women


Innovative experiences
young women

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Issa, N. A.-K. (1). Young Media Women. Al-Raida Journal, 88-91.


Searching for definitions and classifications of innovation took me a lot of time, and I almost fell in the trap of the male standard authority, which defines what is beautiful and what is not, and sets the standards of success and failure. I was faced with puzzling and confusing questions such as: Is there a feminine innovation that is different from the male one? I almost overlooked the whole topic, convinced that placing innovation in fixed stereotypes would strangle innovation itself. Nevertheless, some interviews that I carried out with young media women encouraged me to take the chance, to go beyond innovative and non-innovative definitions and classifications and to play the game of innovation itself based on the game of life continuity. I kept moving up and then down the innovation threshold as I saw fit, in an attempt to recreate it.


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