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A Young Lebanese Woman talks about her lesbian identity, her relationships and her perspective on homosexuality ….

Abir Hamdar


In recent years, Lebanon has witnessed a proliferation of the gay and lesbian community; at least that’s one generalization many are willing to agree upon. But, agreeing is one thing and providing accurate data is another. In the absence of the latter, the issue is bound to remain subject to generalizations only. As a reporter seeking information on the topic, I learned this fact hands-on. I also learned my task was almost futile when it came down to the lesbian community. There were simply too many obstacles and hindrances. You just didn’t go about investigating the way you did with other topics. One had to be discreet … really discreet.


Lesbian identity; Lesbian community; Gay community; Lebanon

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DOI: 10.32380/alrj.v0i0.469


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