The Role of the UN Agencies in Women’s Development in Lebanon


UN agencies
Women's development

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Al-Abiad, R. (1). The Role of the UN Agencies in Women’s Development in Lebanon. Al-Raida Journal, 52-55.


Women in Lebanon often suffer from widespread discrimination that seems to inhibit their full participation in society. Discrimination manifests itself, for example, in the lack of full human rights and in scant provisions for educational opportunities. Other instances include under-representation in the political spheres and in decision-making positions, unequal access to health services, as well as subjugation to a patriarchal system of living. Many women feel that they are prohibited from freely expressing their ideas and their wishes, and fear being alienated from the social milieu in which they live. Moreover, even into the twenty first century, incidents of honor crimes still echo in the far outskirts of the country. While Lebanon is witnessing breakthroughs in many social, technological, economic, and other civic spheres, much remains to be done, when it comes to women.


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