Subversive Discourses in Hanan Al-Shaykh: Pushing out the Boundaries of Arab Feminism in the Novel


Hanan Al-Shaykh
Subversive discourse
Arab Feminism

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Ghaly, S. (1). Subversive Discourses in Hanan Al-Shaykh: Pushing out the Boundaries of Arab Feminism in the Novel. Al-Raida Journal, 15-20.


Surveying women's literature over the past two centuries, gynocriticism I has found, perhaps to our surprise, that one of the recurrent themes in the writings of both Third World and Western women has been madness. Time and again , women authors from different periods and literary traditions, with diverse cultural,
ideological and epistemic affiliations and commitments, bring out this theme to demonstrate emphatically and unequivocally how the symptoms of psychological
disfunctionality, together with definitions of madness, are culture-produced and bound, the products of a virulently hierarchical and patriarchal symbolic order.


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