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Factors which Assist Women in Reaching Centers of Power and Leadership Formerly Dominated by Men

Sabah Khalil Ibrahim Muayyad


This study addresses the reasons for women's absence from various ranks of
decision-making in the private and public sectors, and examines possibilities for
overcoming the main impediments which affect women's employment and progress in reaching centers of power and leadership. My attempt to address this important issue relies upon field studies prepared by the Bahraini Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs in 1983. In addition, this study also relies upon personal investigations concerning the status of women workers in private corporations in order to inquire about the problems which confront and hinder them. I also surveyed some comprehensive field studies undertaken by a bank in northern Canada on the status of women professionals in that bank and the impediments which hindered their rise to leadership positions. In this, we can easily note considerable similarities between the problems which confront Bahraini, Arab and foreign women alike in the corporate world.


Leadership; Management

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DOI: 10.32380/alrj.v0i0.903


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